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Welcome to Your Next Chapter: Retirement Redefined

Retirement traditionally marks the end of one's career and the beginning of a life of leisure. Shouldn't this stage of life be more than an extended holiday? Shouldn't it be the start of something new and exciting?  

But how do you reinvent your life in retirement?

Envision a whole new phase of life with our Future in Four Step Method. We've distilled insights from real-life experiences and success stories to help you design an exciting next chapter. 

With us, retirement isn’t an endpoint; it's an opportunity to invigorate your passions, ignite a newfound purpose, and infuse fun into every day.

Are you ready to create the retirement of your dreams?

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acclaimed success

Award-Winning Recognition for Pioneering Retirement Planning Solutions


Prominent presence at the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), New England Human Resources Association (NEHRA), and New England Benefits Council (NEEBC).


Winner of the New England Employee Benefits Association Trailblazer Award.


Featured article in Fortune Magazine and contributing authors at esteemed Retirement Awaits.


Sharing expertise on leading retirement-focused podcasts.

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innovative planning tools

Discover Your Ultimate retirement life

Retirement is an opportunity to explore new possibilities and create a fulfilling life beyond work. Our mission is to guide you toward a new perspective on retirement, one that goes beyond traditional ideas and encourages you to think outside the box. We focus on helping you develop a strong sense of post-career purpose to help you create a personalized vision for retirement. With a clear roadmap and essential tools, you’re ready to reimagine and embrace an exciting next chapter of your life.

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Jumpstart Your Dream Retirement Life

Our signature online course offers a comprehensive gateway to your ideal retirement.


Six comprehensive, interactive modules.

Engaging video lessons and practical exercises.

Self-paced, flexible learning structure.

Ideal for crafting a personalized retirement vision.

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Includes all features of the Jumpstarter course.

Three personalized one-on-one coaching sessions.

Expert advice tailored to your retirement goals.

Enhanced support for a deeper retirement transformation.

one-on-one coaching

Advance Your Organization’s Future with our Accelerator Program

This exclusive program equips pre-retirees with tools and resources for a seamless transition into their next life chapter. This program not only aids employees in navigating significant life changes but also offers organizations a strategic approach to manage workforce transitions, knowledge transfer, and succession planning.

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What Our Participants Have To Say
The program was
a major boost of
exploration, and
creativity, all tied
together with a plan to support
newfound ideas and goals!
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Corporate sales professional turned entrepreneur

I found the program
exhilarating. I wish I
had learned of this
process earlier, as I
should have been preparing
for my future instead of grinding in the present.
A man wearing a hat and sunglasses.


Retired after a long career in financial services

I now have a clear
picture of what
I want to pursue
and a tentative timeframe.
I also scheduled a meeting with an advisor to map out my expected retirement income.
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A current employee at a national media company

I now have a sense
of renewed purpose
and passion for
this next phase/chapter.
A man in a suit and glasses smiling.


Retired HR Executive turned personal coach

The program helped
me be aware of the
process of change
and to recognize how
to direct my energy to new opportunities.
A woman holding a puppy in her arms.


Retired corporate executive

The idea of little
resonated with me
because I can get
started exploring areas
of interest before I retire.
A man in a blue shirt and tie.


Software manager at a national educational foundation

free ebook
Unlocking Retirement Happiness: A Guide to a Fulfilling Future

Dive into our exclusive guide, "10 Tips for a Successful Retirement." This eBook is packed with practical advice and insights to help you navigate the path to a fulfilling retirement. Start your journey with confidence and clarity.

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Your Future in Four Steps

Our transformative roadmap for transition is backed by extensive research and fueled by real-life inspiration and proven outcomes.

Rebalance Your Life

Reflect on five life segments to identify the areas you want to rebalance

Connect to Your Purpose

Uncover your gifts and passions to imagine unlimited possibilities for your future

Activate ReTRYment

Create simple experiments and explore what brings you energy and joy

Launch Your Life Plan

Set in motion a seamless transformation to your new life in retirement

Transform Your Next Chapter With Our Groundbreaking Approach

Unmatched expertise in life planning

Extensive range of tools and resources

Strong and effective roadmap and process

High-quality content with engaging exercises

Authentic, motivating real-world success stories

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Demonstrated success with exceptional value


Meet The Future Of You Team

We're retirees turned entrepreneurs who concluded that retirement planning was in need of a reboot. Like many career professionals of a certain age, we longed for a change after decades of working full-time in the financial services industry. Then, one day, we both received a fantastic "gift" — the option to take early retirement — which sparked our curiosity about life in retirement. We knew about the importance of financial planning but we had questions about life planning.

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A woman wearing glasses and a black jacket.

We wanted to learn how people recapture a sense of purpose when they retire. How do they strike the right life balance and replace work with something meaningful?

We analyzed hundreds of retirement planning services and discovered that nearly all of them focus solely on the financial aspects of a comfortable retirement. Of course, having enough money is essential, but we wanted to understand how people went beyond rebalancing their portfolios to successfully rebalancing their lives.

We decided to use our expertise in Design Thinking by listening to the captivating stories of over 50 individuals. Armed with their invaluable insights and our wealth of experience in transition planning and career coaching, we crafted a powerful and effective roadmap that empowers people to discover their ultimate fulfillment in retirement.

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