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Our Jumpstarter Course
For Individuals 

Jumpstarter is the perfect course for those who want to wrangle control of the unknown, building excitement for the future with an actionable plan. 

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Our Jumpstarter Course 

This online course is tailormade for those who want to explore their ultimate retirement destination at their own pace, on their own schedule. This course provides powerful insights to help you take control of uncertainty and give you peace of mind while igniting your imagination. You'll receive all the tools needed for an actionable roadmap to success.  

What You Will Take Away 

  • Shift in perspective around retiring and the future
  • Clarity on how to get the best out of your time 
  • A post-career sense of purpose and identity 
  • A personalized vision of retirement 
  • A transformational change from career to retirement    


What You Get With the Jumpstarter Program

Personal Roadmap to your life in retirement

Proprietary research-based content & tools developed from the experiences of real people

 6-module interactive program 

 Future of You journal to reflect, imagine, explore & transform

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What People Are Saying About The Jumpstarter Course

"It was hard to think about what was next in my life because there was so much unknown. This program gave me all the tools to build a bridge to the future!"


"This online course offers an easy-to-digest way to plan your retirement from concept to planning."

"All of the content is bite-sized with resources you can download at the snap of a finger: videos, articles, journals - everything you need."

"Jumpstarter helped me find the time to put my future into focus with well-presented, tasteful lessons"

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The Future of You is an innovative, research based organization whose mission is to help individuals discover their ultimate life in retirement by providing expert guidance and tools that empower them to create a personalized vision for their future.

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