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Support Your Employees' with Guidance and Resources they need as they Consider Retirement

Your employees will walk the retirement journey with colleagues creating invaluable connections, generating ideas, and developing personalized plans for what's next

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Our Signature Accelerator Workshop


Do you have programs in place to support your employees as they consider retirement?

If not, you are not alone. According to a study by The Conference Board, only 50% of workers are ready for retirement. This is partly because many companies don't have programs to help employees transition into retirement.

We offer a unique and innovative 6-week Zoom workshop that helps organizations support long-tenured employees' transition to retirement. Our work with corporate clients has resulted in a significant increase in retirement readiness. 

What Your Employees Will Take Away 
  • A  personalized roadmap for retiring with purpose and fulfillment, created through self-reflective exercises
  • Opportunities to share with, and hear from, others
  • New and exciting ideas for what to explore next
  • A sense of community that will carry into retirement


Program Flow

Our 6-week Accelerator program creates a supportive community, connecting you to others on the same path

Week 1 - Roadmap for Success

Week 2 - Shift Your Mindset & Rebalance Your Life

Week 3 - Connect to Your Purpose

Week 4 - Generate Ideas & Activate ReTRYment

Week 5 - Engage Your Community & Manage Your Energy

Week 6 - Identify Experiments &
Launch Your Life Plan

What People Are Saying About The Accelerator Program 

"The workshop design is superb as it's grounded in primary research and reseach on aging and retirement."

"Interaction with colleagues was extremely beneficial as they helped connected dots I couldn't see." 

The workshop and framing were excellent, as was the pivot to the outdated concept of retirement." 

"You took the scary part out of retirement and shifted it to the positive. I was anxious but now I have peace of mind and excitement for what's next."

What's Included:

A 6-week, 90 minute interactive workshop 

Access to 6 online modules and thought leadership content 

Community of people who will share varied perspectives to help you reimagine your next stage

Experienced facilitators and coaches who will lead the experience








Proprietary research-based content and tools developed from the experiences of real people

The Future of You Journal to help launch your life plan


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The Future of You is an innovative, research-based organization whose mission is to help individuals discover their ultimate life in retirement by providing expert guidance and tools that empower them to create a personalized vision for their future. 

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